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Call the Moon Man

Safety First


We at Call the Moon Man want you to have a lot of fun, but we also want everyone to be safe at the same time. Here are a few rules we have when you use our inflatable rentals so that everyone will have a enjoyable experience and stay safe at the same time.

  • Please - No Silly String !! (Silly string damages the inflatable, there is a $300.00 minimum cleaning charge)
  • Adult supervision of all children is required at all times
  • Entrance door must be shut when in use.
  • Do not allow riders to play or climb on outside walls, sides, roof of the unit or inside rafters.
  • Stay out of inflatables and off slides during strong winds or thunderstorms.
  • In case of rain or winds above 15 MPH remove children from the inflatable.
  • In case of heavy rains or winds above 15MPH turn off unit and unplug the power.
  • Remove sharp objects and shoes before entering inflatables.
  • Keep all pets away from the inflatables.
  • Keep all food ( Drinks, Snacks Etc. ) away from the inflatable.
  • Never play or jump on a partially inflated unit.
  • Never add extension cords to the motor or move the
    inflatable's with out FIRST obtaining an OK from Call The Moon Man.
  • Do not climb on the sides or roof of the inflatables.


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